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Anonymous asked:

Kotetsu what does Izumo like to do when you were boxers? Come on please just spit it out before he can stop you. I'm so curious!

Kotetsu turns and glances at his lover, who is scowling at him.  He can’t help it, an evil smirk slides onto his face. He knows he’s going to get into trouble for this, but he just can’t resist.  ”Well…” he starts and Izumo’s scowl deepens.  He slides over and wraps his arms around Izumo’s waist, nuzzling an ear. “Come on, baby, I won’t get too crude, I promise.”  He kisses that spot behind Izumo’s ear and a pair of deep brown eyes slide closed.

"Just go on, you will anyway," Izumo grumbles.

"But I really don’t want to make you mad when I do,” Kotetsu murmurs.

"It’s okay, just answer it. This is an ask blog, anyway."  

Kotetsu grins and looks up at the anon.  ”The truth is, he doesn’t let me wear them for long.  Usually, when I walk around in the boxers, I find myself against a wall… or the counter or on the kitchen table…”

"Or on the couch, or sometimes, I just drag you straight to bed," Izumo finishes for him, smiling into the slanted eyes.  "Your just too damned sexy in them."

Kotetsu opened his mouth then closed it, changing his mind on the next comment.  He looks up at the anon, instead. “I can’t argue with that, can I?”  He grins and nips at Izumo’s neck again before speaking once more.  ”So, there you have it.  I’m dragged off somewhere, they’re usually stripped unceremoniously off of me and…” Izumo elbows him and he grins. “I guess I’m not allowed to say more.” He laughs. “I should also point out that he’s not allowed to wear them, either.  They don’t stay on him any longer than they stay on me. How’s that, anon? Answer your question?” He turns back to Izumo, shifting his lover to face him.  ”So… is this a good time to tell you that I’m wearing some under my pants now?”

Izumo’s lips spread into a wide smile. “Oh really?”

Kotetsu nods. “Yeah.”

"Well, then, can’t have that." He looks over at the anon. "There you have it. Now it’s my turn to have him…” And with that, he grabs Kotetsu’s wrist and starts to drag him off. Kotetsu grins even wider and throws a wave over his shoulder as he’s taken away.

"Thanks for the question!"

italianbrooklyn asked:

I haves le three questions, one, how did u two meet? Two, how did u two fall in da loves? Three, I was interested in doing the art for this blog. ( my work is on my profile)

Izumo and Kotetsu look at each other and their smiles spread slowly.  ”We’ve known each other all our lives,” Izumo says.  ”I am a few months younger than him and when I was maybe… oh, eighteen months old or so, his family moved in next door.  I was so happy to have a friend, I nearly fell over myself to meet him.  In fact, I did fall down.” He laughs at the memory.  ”And Tetsu helped pick me up, even though he was only a few months older than me, he was quite a bit bigger.”  He grins at his lover. “And now I’m an inch taller than he is.”

"Hey! I’m taller!" Kotetsu argues, though there’s a twinkle in his eye.

"Only because of your spikes," Izumo says with a grin, tugging on one.  

"As for how we fell in love…" Kotetsu starts and bites a lip, looking at Izumo.  "I think we’ve always kind of been in love.  When we were young - still in the academy, I used to find excuses to hold his hand.  We got the weirdest looks for it, I tell you, at times.  But the teachers were good at shushing that kind of stuff and we were mostly left alone.”

"I remember after graduation," Izumo says, wrapping his arms around Kotetsu.  "We snuck off into the woods at the back of the training grounds.  Our parents were furious.”

"Yeah, but only because they discovered their sake was missing," Kotetsu points out.

"True.  They knew we could handle ourselves - and it was still really peaceful at the time in the village." Izumo nods. "But yeah, we took off with the sake."

"Which we didn’t even drink,” Kotetsu says, a little disappointed. “But, the why of that made it okay.”  The smile turns into a slightly wicked grin.

"Our first kiss," Izumo agrees.  "I mean, we kind of pecked before that…"

"But that was the first real one.”  Kotetsu says with a nod. “With tongue and everything.”

Izumo grins. “It was a mess at first.”

Kotetsu laughs. “Oh it was! We bumped noses.”

"Then kept trying to turn the same way…"

"But then we finally got it.  And I still think it was the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life."  Kotetsu’s smile fades a little and he reaches up to brush the hair out of Izumo’s eye.

Izumo’s cheeks color.  ”Yeah, I’d have to say it was the best for me, too. I mean… we’ve had ‘technically’ better kisses since then…”

"But that will forever be the most memorable," Kotetsu agrees. 

"So, in a way, we’ve always been in love. I know I’ve never wanted to date anyone else," Izumo says with a smile.

I would love to see art for the blog!! I’ve looked at yours and it’s very nice! Send me a separate ask so I can respond privately to talk about it.


Anonymous asked:

Hey...Izumo. Fresh batch of lasagna out of the oven on the counter cooling. Mmm mmm, Italian sausage, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses... So? What'cha gonna do tonight? <3 K

Izumo stares for a long moment. “Fresh lasagna? Oh my…” He clears his throat and glances around, then readjusts himself over the images that went through his head.  Um, well, I think I might let it cool a bit more while I make sure Kotetsu takes a nice, thorough shower.  Then I’ll tie him down to the table… and have my dinner.  On him.” Izumo smiles wickedly. “Oh, I think tonight will be a very nice night, yes. Excuse me, I have a few things to get ready…”  Izumo waves and takes off hurriedly toward the bedroom.  He emerges a moment later with a wad of rope in one hand, a black silk strip draped over his arm and a thick metal ring in the other.  He stops and stares. “Are you still here? Go!” He waves his hands. “I’m not about to do this in front of you! Shoo!”  He stands and blinks for another moment, then nods. “Good. Now… which way should I put him… ?” 

italianbrooklyn asked:

I have two questions. First off, who's on top? And second off, Izumo, what would u do if Kotetsu died?

Kotetsu cheers and Izumo glares at him. “What? We finally get a straightforward sex question!”

Izumo rolls his eyes. “You don’t have to be quite so happy about it.”  He crosses his arms and scowls.

"Aww, baby, don’t be like that," Kotetsu says and pulls Izumo into his arms.  He nuzzles Izumo’s neck right under the ear.  "We don’t have to get graphic or anything,” he whispers, kissing the sensitive spot at the top.  

Izumo rolls his eyes again and sighs. “Okay, I guess.  But I’m answering.”  

"Whatever you want, baby," Kotetsu replies and continues nibbling a trail along Izumo’s neck, but Izumo elbows him.  "Hey!"

"I can’t think when you do that," he grumbles and, with a snicker, Kotetsu steps back.  Izumo sighs. "Okay, fine, anon. Who’s on top? Well, now, that’s an interesting question.  Because, well, it just depends. On the day, our mood, what’s happening, whether I’ve decided to put him in his place…"  Kotetsu snorts at this, but quiets at Izumo’s look.  "…you know, the typical."  Izumo laughs.  "But honestly, we switch.  There’s definitely positives to both sides and we like to do both."

He pauses and frowns, then reaches out to grab Kotetsu’s hand.  Kotetsu steps up and wraps his arms back around his lover.  ”I don’t like to think about being without him.  I know that it’s a very real possibility. We are well aware, every time we leave the village, that one of us may not come back.  But I really can’t allow myself to actively think about it because if I do, I’ll want to die.  I don’t know if I could be without him.”  He closes his eyes and turns around, burying his face in Kotetsu’s neck.  Kotetsu’s arms tighten and he runs his hands gently over Izumo’s back.  

"Does that answer your question anon?" Kotetsu asks.  "Thanks for the questions. Have a good one."  And with that, he goes back to kissing Izumo - temple, cheek, anywhere he can reach. "Not going anywhere today, baby," he whispers. "And neither are you."


Anonymous asked:

Hey...Kotetsu, and then Izumo, same question: Boxers or briefs? Dog or cat? <3 K

Kotetsu grins and glances at his lover. “Oh, that’s easy.  I like to have a bit of freedom, so boxers are definitely my preference.  Izumo likes ‘em on me, too, because it means he can—” His words are cut off as a hand is slapped over his mouth.  Kotetsu sends a glare at Izumo and peels the hand back. “What was that for?”

Izumo rolls his eyes. “I’ve told you, there really are limits to what we should say.”

Kotetsu blinks at Izumo. “Why?”

Izumo blinks back. “Why?”

Kotetsu’s eyebrows drop into a scowl.  ”I asked you first.”

Izumo stares at him for a moment then shakes his head. “No, I was trying to understand how you can possibly not know why.”

“Because I don’t.  It’s an ask blog, right? They’re s’posed to ask questions. Why do we gotta watch how much we say?”

Izumo’s cheeks turn red. “Because you always say the embarrassing stuff about me.”

Kotetsu raises an eyebrow.  ”Feel free to say embarrassing stuff about me…” he pauses and waits, then snickers when Izumo’s mouth stays stubbornly shut. “See? If you didn’t think so much was embarrassing, it wouldn’t matter.” He shrugs a shoulder and turns back.  ”So, anon - boxers.  I’ll spare my partner here and not tell you the whole reason.  I will, however, tell you that he wears briefs.” Kotetsu ignores the strangled sound Izumo lets out at that bit of information. “He looks adorable in them, especially when he wears this black pair I bought him that are… very… ‘brief’,” he finishes, snickering.  He clears his throat at the glare thrown his way. “Right, uh, cat or dog… I like dogs.” He nods. “Especially when Izumo is dressed up like one… No no, not a big furry costume,” he says and grins then quickly sidesteps the hand about to slap over his mouth again. “It’stheearsandtail-plughewearsforme.”  He finishes quickly, smiling smugly at Izumo.

Izumo’s eyes narrow.  Kotetsu’s smile fades and he gulps.  ”I prefer cats,” Izumo says, turning his attention back to the anon. “See Kotetsu is completely adorable in cat ears and a tail.  You know? The plug kind?” He nods. “Yup, and that’s the only thing he’s going to get in his ass in the near future.  Izumo smiles way too sweetly at Kotetsu. “Isn’t that right, my love?”

Kotetsu clears his throat. “Uh,  right. I guess that means… um…”

Izumo’s smile widens. “Yes, that also means that you won’t be getting anything else, either.”

Kotetsu sighs.  ”Why did we start this blog again?”

Izumo’s eyebrows scrunch up. “To answer questions.”  His face clears and he sighs. “That doesn’t mean we have to answer every one with details about our sex life.”  He crosses his arms and glares at Kotetsu.

Kotetsu frowned. “I’m sorry. It’s just…” he shrugs helplessly. “I’m proud to have you as mine,” he says and moves closer to Izumo, wrapping his arms around his partner.  ”You’re good - damned good - and I like to brag about you. You make me feel good. Is that so wrong?”
Izumo sighs again and looks up into the black slanted eyes. “I guess not.” He shakes his head and tugs on a spike. “Fine. You’re not in trouble. This time.  Let’s just… not give everything away, okay?”

Kotetsu nods and leans in. “Okay.”  Kotetsu nuzzles that spot again, the one behind Izumo’s right ear that always does crazy things to him and he lets loose a low moan.

“Damn you.” Izumo mutters before wrapping his arms around Kotetsu and giving in.

“Mmm. Damned. That’s okay, as long as you’re with me.”


Oh yeah. I’m telling you. Canon.

Kotetsu sighs.  ”They’re never going to let us live that down, are they?”

Izumo shakes his head. “No, no, I don’t think they will.” He frowns. “Lady Tsunade still makes cracks about it.”

"I know! And that was even before we were together," Kotetsu agrees. "Though… maybe that should have given us a hint, huh?" He asks, turning to Izumo.

Izumo chews on his lip. “Maybe.” He shrugs and sighs. “Oh well.”

Kotetsu nods. “Yeah, well, we’re together now, right?”  He asks, leaning in and kissing Izumo.

"Yeah, and I get to take you home at night. They can say whatever they want."  Izumo smiles and kisses Kotetsu back.  

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Anonymous asked:

Hello, boiz! Was wondering; Kotetsu, how's that head injury you got some time ago? I know Izumo "treated" you, but I just wanna make sure there was no lasting damage.

Kotetsu grinned. “Uh, permanent damage? No, not to my head. To my status as a single man, maybe, but…” he paused and glanced at Izumo who rolled his eyes. “I don’t mind that part one bit,” he finished, pulling Izumo against him.  

Izumo blushed bright red. “Stop it, not in front of the readers!” He protested, but stopped when Kotetsu wrapped arms around his waist and nuzzled him. “That’s not going to get you out of everything, you know,” Izumo warned, breathlessly.

Kotetsu chuckled. “Yes it will. Got me out of buying a helmet, didn’t it?”

Izumo snorted. “Only because you turned your attention to sex instead of skateboarding.”

Kotetsu chuckled. “And who’s idea was that?”

Izumo glared and reached up to smack Kotetsu on the side of the head.  ”Mine,” he said with a sniff.

"Sure. Yours," Kotetsu nodded, then looked up and winked.  "His, anon. Do you believe that?" Then he shook his head. "I don’t, either."  


Anonymous asked:

If ice cream has no bones, but only on the sixth Sunday of February when the Jell-o trees are in full jiggle, how many pancakes does it take to make a doghouse? And if you want it all, can you truly not have it if it is, indeed, it?

Izumo and Kotetsu exchange looks then look back. “Uh, I, erm, am not sure.  Have you, perhaps, been hit with an odd poison?”

"Maybe he’s under some kind of weird jutsu," Kotetsu suggests, peering at the anon.  "He does look a bit… pale, doesn’t he?"

"I don’t know, maybe that’s just his natural color," Izumo says, frowning.  "Um. I didn’t know you used pancakes to make a dog house, and where, exactly, does one find a gel-oh tree?" 

Kotetsu frowns. “Maybe they’re up in Hot Spring Country,” he suggest, scratching his head. “Though I can’t say I’ve ever heard of them, either.”

Izumo shakes his head. “No, I’m sure I haven’t. Do you think, perhaps, you might need to go see Lady Tsunade?”  Izumo glances to Kotetsu then back. 

Kotetsu blinks and gets a funny look on his face. “Zu… I think it might be catching.”

Izumo turns to stare at his best friend. “What? Why?”

"Cause I just got the strangest urge to tell him that he should ask the brown fig these questions…" Kotetsu shakes his head and blinks again. "Yeah, okay, I’m going to see Tsunade."

Izumo watches Kotetsu walk off, then glances back at the anon then back to his lover.  ”You know that won’t get you out of work!” He calls, but Kotetsu just waves and keeps walking. “Um, well, uh, good luck,” Izumo tosses to the anon then takes off after his partner.

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